Most frequent questions and answers

Saturday: 14h-03h

Jongeren uit koksijde kunnen hun ticket aankopen aan voordelig tarief. 

It is possible to re-enter the event once you exit.

Ster Der Zee – Koksijde

There is no minimum age to enter the festival. Anybody younger than 16 years on the date of the festival, has to be accompanied by an adult.

There will be a wide range of food and beverages available on the festival lawn. This includes vegetarian and vegan options aswell. No food or drinks will be allowed to be brought into the festival.

You can buy coupons by card or in cash. With these coupons it is possible to purchase food and drinks. It is not possible to get a refund for your leftover coupons when you leave the festival. The festival doesn’t refund lost coupons. This is the visitor’s responsibility.

IMPORTANT: Half an hour before closing time, it is no longer possible to buy coupons. Fifteen minutes before closing time it is no longer possible to purchase drinks or food.

The address of the festival is Ster Der Zee, 8670 Koksijde BELGIUM

There are two free parking areas close to the festival site. The closest one is located at Marktplein, this is about a 14-minute walk. The other free parking is located at Kerkplein, this is a 15-minute walk. It is also possible to park your car at a paying parking area. Zavelplein is only a 6-minute walk from the festival.

Train: If you come by train you have two options.

1. You get off at De Panne station and take streetcar 0 to Koksijde Ster Der Zee. From this stop it is only a 550 meter walk to the festival. 2. You get off at the station of Koksijde and take bus 69 to Koksijde Ster Der Zee. You ride along for 6 minutes and get off at the eighth stop. From here it is only a 6 minutes walk to the festival ground.

Bus: In case you come by bus, you should take bus 69 to Ster Der Zee stop. From there it is only a 6-minute walk to the festival.

Streetcar: If you come by streetcar, you should take streetcar 0 and get off at Ster Der Zee. From there it is only a 6-minute walk to the festival.

Bike: It is possible to put your bicycle in the free bicycle storage close to the festival.

  1. Visitors are only allowed in areas permitted to the public. All other areas are forbidden.
  2. Visitors that have medical problems and have to take medicines on a regular base, need to bring a doctor’s prescription or a copy.
  3. Weapons and drugs are strictly forbidden. If the organisation discovers drugs or weapons, the police will immediately be notified.
  4. It is forbidden to express any form of racism at Helmgras Festival. Everything that leads to racism will not be tolerated.
  5. It is possible that visitors get a body search when entering the festival. The security can check anyone with the same gender as them.
  6. The visitor’s ticket will be scanned at the entrance of the festival. If it’s a valid ticket, the ticket will be exchanged for an entrance bracelet. With this bracelet you can leave and enter the festival. It is possible to re-enter the festival.
  7. Own food and drinks, drugs and dangerous objects will not be tolerated as they are forbidden at the festival site.
  8. The access will be declined to the following persons:
    1. People who show violent behaviour and who want to disturb the public order.
    2. People who resist handing over their items if they are considered to be dangerous or forbidden.
    3. People under the influence of drugs or any illegal substance.
    4. People who are in conflict with one or several articles of the house rules.
  9. When the visitor buys and receives a ticket, he/she/they agree(s) to the possibility that he/she/they might get photographed or filmed. These images or videos can be stored or registered. They can also be used by the organisation to promote the event.
  2. 0772.629.447